Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let The Whole Damn Thing Burn! 

When Yellowstone was allowed to burn, within a year people talked about the beauty that sprang up from the ashes. Quite frankly, it looks like that might be what we have to allow with Wall Street and the Super Banks.
New York Times

Instead, losses mounted and Mr. Lewis is now fighting to prop up his banking empire and keep his job.
Highlights mine.

You know, I'm thinking of highlighting my hair too. Anyone with suggestions......

Oh, wait. That's for a different post. Never mind.

Anyway, I could give a fat rat's ass whether Mr. Lewis keeps his job. Considering he's part of the good old boy's network that helped create this current economic crisis, maybe losing his job would be for the benefit of the country. Maybe the complete collapse of Wall Street would clear out the incompetence and the greed, and then we can move onto growing a better economy.

And save me the cries of "What about all those poor people who will suffer?" After eight years of Bush, there has already been plenty of suffering. Hell, after 40 years of conservative influence and direction, the suffering has been monumental. So I say, Frak it! Let it burn. In fact, I might even take up violin lessons for the occasion. I'd try to garner the title of Caesar, but I doubt I have the time. I'm getting old you know.

In nature, fire allows for plush, bountiful growth by removing the dry, dead foliage that chokes the ground. In farming, crops need to be harvested, and the ground tilled. Both of these metaphors call for the removal of dead growth. From where I sit, the dead growth left by the failed ideology that was Reaganomics is choking the economic ecology of our country.

If I take the metaphor of growing to it's rather clich├ęd end, the middle class is the ground from which corporations and Wall Street spring. Fertilize that ground with hard, green cash, and they will benefit by leaps in bounds.

So, my original point was about the problem with "To Big To Fail;" as in it's become such a monster of a company that the country falls or stands on it's strength. Personally, develop an economic system that feeds off a strong, prosperous middle class. Then, when large corporations fail, they will not take the whole country down.