Friday, May 05, 2006

Carnival of the Liberals - call for submissions 

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From the CotL mailing-list:
If you haven’t written that killer blog post yet, it’s time to start writing. Carnival of the Liberals #12 is at Daylight Atheism on Wednesday, May 10th. Ebon Muse didn’t specify a deadline, but you should try to have your posts in by Monday, May 8th sometime before midnight. Additionally, this bi-week’s CotL is looking for posts on the following specific topics, but as usual any great writing from a liberal perspective is welcome:

* Separation of church and state and efforts to violate it
* Religion in politics, both the evils of the religious right and efforts by the religious left to make their voices heard
* The effort to unify liberal single-issue groups into a progressive majority

Submissions have been a little light for this edition, so if you haven’t been represented in Carnival of the Liberals in a while, now’s your chance. After all, you’re not going to let Dr. Biobrain continue to dominate CotL are you?

Friday Blogaround 

Is there anything out there worth writing about? The Liberal Coalition seems to think so.
  • All Facts and Opinions helps a Pennsylvania senate candidate.
  • archy notes International Respect for Chickens Day. Go get clucked.
  • Bark Bark Woof Woof on the Moussaoui sentence.
  • David at blogAmY has another question.
  • bloggg on exhorbitant pay for oil execs.
  • Collective Sigh on how to get rich from bird flu.
  • Dodecahedron is back with his own thoughts on what to do with those oil company profits.
  • NTodd wants to know how confident you are.
  • Echidne of the Snakes on how much you'd earn if you were paid to be a mom.
  • the farmer on the fun and paranoid world of Dick Cheney.
  • FDL sees the Day of Reckoning looming.
  • First Draft on Scott McClellan's next-to-last day and the Dole fundraising letter.
  • Happy Furry Puppy checks out the opposition.
  • iddybud pays tribute to the Sago miners.
  • Left is Right helps the veterans.
  • Lefty gives away a giveway.
  • Liberty Street replies to the death penalty advocates for Moussaoui.
  • Make Me a Commentator remembers Kent State. (Do you?)
  • Michael finds out his true major in college. (According to this, I should have been a journalist. No, really.)
  • rubber hose on Mrs. Bush being bilingual.
  • Science and Politics notes that migrating birds are starving.
  • Scrutiny Hooligans on "lobbying reform."
  • Sooner Thought on Rummy fudging.
  • Jeff at Speedkill has a sly take on an essay from Newsweek.
  • Steve Gilliard on blacks, Mexicans, and the Minutemen.
  • Kenneth at T. Rex on global terrorism.
  • The Countess is rightly outraged.
  • The Invisible Library announces that the original Force will be with us.
  • Wanda on a part of the correspondents' dinner last week.
  • Steve on cruel punishment.
  • ...You Are A Tree has pictures of our troops in Iraq.
  • It's Cinco de Mayo. Have a burrito for lunch.

    Update: Better late than never. Pen-Elayne was having blog template issues this morning, but she is back and with a great post about the immortal and everlasting Pete Seeger, who turned 87 last week and is still as powerful a voice in music as ever. He'll be performing this summer, and Elayne has the info on tickets.

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