Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Former Bush Aides Subpoenaed. 

Invest in Popcorn Futures!

2 Former Aides to Bush Get Subpoenas - washingtonpost.com
The decision by two congressional panels to issue subpoenas to the White House yesterday escalates a constitutional showdown over the Justice Department's firing of nine U.S. attorneys that could end up being decided by the federal courts.

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Under Estimated Again 

Big Boost In Iraqi Forces Is Urged - washingtonpost.com
A senior U.S. military commander said yesterday that Iraq's army must expand its rolls by at least 20,000 more soldiers than Washington had anticipated, to help free U.S. troops from conducting daily patrols, checkpoints and other critical yet dangerous missions.

Even then, Iraq will remain incapable of taking full responsibility for its security for many years -- five years in the case of protecting its airspace -- and will require a long-term military relationship with the United States, said Lt. Gen. Martin Dempsey, who until recently led the U.S. military's training effort in Iraq.
BushCo™, creating a whole new definition for stupidity.

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Civil Wars 

Gee, how's that road map for peace going?
Attacks Escalate as Palestinians Fight for Power - New York Times

Iraqis Are Failing To Met U.S. Benchmarks - New York Times
<sarcasm>Yup, the successes and accomplishments of BushCoâ„¢ just keep building and building.</sarcasm>

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

From Satire To Reality 

Like Mimus Pauly, I am hoping that Russell Roberts is joking:
Surely some of us aren't pulling our economic weight. Surely some of us are a burden on the school system and the health care system and the law enforcement community. Surely some of us are not contributing to that elusive, uplifting goal of a competitive work force competing in the global economy.

We need a point system. Get one of the top 380,000 scores and we're sending you back to where you or your ancestors came from -- where you can drag down our so-called economic competitors...
Until, of course, I stumbled across this:
TBogg - "...a somewhat popular blogger"
Guzman, who was born in Los Angeles and lived about 70 miles north in Lancaster with his mother, could barely read and write, Soller said. He did not know his phone number and kept his brother's telephone number on a piece of paper.

But the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in a written statement denied Guzman's deportation, which followed immigration checks at the jail, was improper.

"ICE only processes persons for removal when all available credible evidence suggests the person is an alien," ICE officials said. "That process was followed here and ICE has no reason to believe that it improperly removed Pedro Guzman."

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Give Me Norm Over Joe Any Day 

TPMmuckraker notes that Joe Lieberman voted against the No-Confidence Vote. I take some mild pleasure of Norm Coleman's vote for the vote.

My only problem with Norm has been his lock-step voting record in regards to Iraq. Otherwise, he's cast some votes I have been happy to see. Especially in regards to environmental issues. And his email replies, beyond the initial robot reply, have been informative. Hell, they give the appearance of having been well thought out and designed to be non-condescending.

Now, mind you, I'll vote for a Democrat come the next election. But being stuck with Norm Coleman as senator is not a completely awful situation.

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US resident Not To Be Held Indefinitely On Suspicion Alone 

Judges Rule Against U.S. On Detained 'Combatant' - washingtonpost.com

A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that President Bush cannot indefinitely imprison a U.S. resident on suspicion alone, ordering the government either to charge Qatari national Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri with his alleged terrorist crimes in a civilian court or release him.

The opinion is a blow to the Bush administration's assertion that the president has exceptionally broad powers to combat terrorism, including the authority to detain without charges foreign citizens living legally in the United States.

Shiny! The United States is moving back towards the Constitution!

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After Re-inventiong The Wheel, They'll Work On The Light Bulb. 

Ana Marie Cox notes that Fred Thompson's team is re-inventing the wheel. Good thing too. They'll need them for that damn red pick-up truck.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Powell Calls for Guantanamo's Closure 

Powell Calls for Closure of Military Prison at Guantanamo - washingtonpost.com

Former secretary of state Colin L. Powell said yesterday that he would close down the U.S. military prison for enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, "this afternoon" because it has become a major problem in "the way the world perceives America."

"Essentially, we have shaken the belief that the world had in America's justice system by keeping a place like Guantanamo open and creating things like a military commission," Powell said on NBC's "Meet the Press."
This is way shiny.

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