Friday, May 02, 2008

Why are we still in Iraq? 

Question for today:


Quick, without thinking, what's the first answer tht comes to mind? Right, there is no clear answer. You can sit back and start thinking of many fine ones:

  • The Democratic Congress keeps succumbing to Bush's threat-filled spending requests
  • A quick exit will create even more chaos and death
  • If we leave we'll lose access to all that sweet crude oil
  • The military/industrial/petroleum complex really controls everything and will never leave until forced
  • We couch-potato Americans are too lazy to demand what we want (unless pollsters call us)
  • We still haven't found all those WMDs that Bush demanded were there
  • Iraqis won't be truly free until every last one of them is dead or a refugee
  • We were promised rose petals and parades in the streets of Baghdad and won't leave until those ungrateful Iraqis start meeting our expectations

Some of these are likely true, and some are just Neocon fantasies. The point is, we Americans (myself excluded) wanted to hurt Iraq because they did NOT cause 9-11. Makes no sense? Neither does this war nor the outrageous way in which all of us (myself included) have failed to stop our lawless government. Shame on us all.