Thursday, October 07, 2004

Debate Fever Rages On 

Before John Kerry and the Shrub meet up for their second faceoff tomorrow night, there is another political debate taking place. Tonight (7:30 pm) at Blogcritics, the Independent/Green position will be pitted against the Libertarian point of view in a cybercontest.

Taking the virtual podia: For the Libertarians, Mike Kole of Kole Hard Facts, who is secretary of the Indiana Libertarian Party, chair of the Libertarian Party of Hamilton County, and candidate for Secretary of State 2006. For the Greens and Independents, me.

Moderator Dawn Olsen has the details at Blogcritics.

Join us, won't you? There are more than Dems and Repubs involved in the upcoming election -- take stock of other viewpoints.