Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Best Liberal Blogging of the Year 

Blog carnivals are one of the best and most important ways to introduce new bloggers and form communities around a common interest. Conservatives have a number of them, and there are by now hundreds of carnivals around non-political topics, many probably of interest to at least some members of the Liberal Coalition. There were two earlier attempts to make a liberal carnival (The Blog Tower and the Carnival of Un-Capitalists) but they did not last long.

A year ago - exactly a year ago! - The Neural Gourmet blog decided to start the Carnival of Liberals. TNG did the homework and got the carnival off the ground by doing everything exactly right. The carnival received immediate support from several big Lefty blogs and the rest is history. After a year of great blogging, we see today the First Anniversary edition, hosted again back at its birthplace at Neural Gourmet. So, go say Hello to Neural Gourmet, read the Top 10 Liberal posts of the year and remember to continue supporting this carnival every two weeks in the future.