Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday Blogaround 

Here's what's going on in The Liberal Coalition recently:

  • All Facts and Opinon has both on the pay-for-plug story.
  • archy transcribes the semantic battle over what to call "screwing up Social Security."
  • Bark Bark Woof Woof on the right to live and let live.
  • BlogAmy really knows how to shovel it. I mean snow.
  • bloggg on teenage sex and love.
  • Chris has his Oscar picks.
  • Collective Sigh sneezes at the health insurance industry.
  • RDF at Corrente has some Declarative statments.
  • NTodd at Dohiyi Mir remembers Auschwitz.
  • Echidne of the Snakes ruminates on things as the snow falls.
  • edwardpig has the 411 on people to contact to oppose the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales.
  • First Draft on the interrogation techniques at Gitmo.
  • The Fulcrum has been quiet this week, but read his thoughts on the retirement of John Ashcroft from last week.
  • The Gamer's Nook lends a helping hand.
  • Happy Furry Puppy has the real press conference transcript.
  • iddybud wonders what Bush means by "freedom."
  • The Invisible Library reports that the CIA has a real puzzle in its backyard. (Keith has also revived his novel blog.)
  • Kick the Leftist on the Iraq exit strategy.
  • Left Is Right gets graphic over the deficit.
  • Make Me a Commentator serves up some Chile.
  • MercuryX23 shares a letter from his congressman.
  • Musing's musing's Michael is back from France.
  • Pen-Elayne tells us about the guy already waiting in line to see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
  • The Republican Sinner of the week is Ricky Vandal, whoever that is.
  • Ugarte at Rick's discovers the key to happiness.
  • Rook's Rant is about what Bush has learned since the 1970's: not much.
  • Rubber Hose on the Iraq election.
  • Scrutiny Hooligans is on the alert for propaganda.
  • SoonerThought on the cuts in student financial aid.
  • Speedkill reports on conservatives making Do'h.
  • Steve Gilliard reports on Nightline's Town Meeting on Iraq.
  • T. Rex explains his blogroll system and sets a good example.
  • Trish Wilson has fun with a law site.
  • Wanda on the new Bush.
  • WTF Is It Now on some recent headlines.
  • The Yellow Doggerel Democrat has his own take on the Social Security flim-flam.

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  • Thursday, January 27, 2005

    New World Blogger 

    It's been a while, but I will write more soon!!

    Wednesday, January 26, 2005

    Perranoski Prizes Voting 

    Just an reminder that voting for the Perranoski Prizes is still going on over at The American Street. Please do support this adjunct to Wampum's Koufax. And I'm not just saying that because my blog is up for Best Art or Photoblog. Really, go check out all the nominees and take your first step into a larger world.

    Tuesday, January 25, 2005

    No on Gonzales 

    Kos has a No on Gonzales petition of sorts. I'm on board.
    With this nomination, we have arrived at a crossroads as a nation. Now is the time for all citizens of conscience to stand up and take responsibility for what the world saw, and, truly, much that we have not seen, at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere. We oppose the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General of the United States, and we urge the Senate to reject him.

    I've already blogged about Gonzales and why I think is wrong for America here, here, and here.The election of George Bush last November was seen by the world as a vote of confidence in everything he has done to destroy our credibility. If there is anyone out there who is still inclined to give us the benefit of the doubt, confirming Gonzales will let them know their worst suspicions about America were right.

    A vote for Gonzales is a vote for torture. It's that simple. Vote no.