Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rove The Damper 

Author: Rove exit signals 'end of Bush presidency' - CNN.com
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Karl Rove, perhaps the most powerful White House aide in recent history, called it quits Monday, provoking some to declare a symbolic end to the presidency of George W. Bush.
I think this is about as simple a truth as you can write.

Here's the question: who's going to rein in the spoiled brat prince once Rove is gone? Because, quite frankly, I don't see Bush keeping his big, idiot mouth shut after Rove is not around to coach him in Bushrovian politic speak. He's going to say, and do, stupid shit that's going to piss off the entire political establishment in Washington, and in the nation.

Say what you will about Rove's craven political agenda, I believe he was the damper keeping George W. Bush from going up in a blaze of egomaniacal splendor. I am more worried now then before.

However, with Rove gone, and Bush left unhandled, I suspect impeachment might now become a real possibility.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Rove Resigns 

TwinCities.com - Rove leaving Bush administration
"I just think it's time," Rove said in an interview at this home on Saturday. He first floated the idea of leaving to Bush a year ago, the newspaper said, and friends confirmed he'd been talking about it even earlier. However, he said he didn't want to depart right after the Democrats regained control of Congress and then got drawn into policy battles over the Iraq war and immigration.
Okay, what I think what he is really saying, is that he didn't want to leave right after the Democrats took control of the Congress because he'd have been called to testify and might not have had quite so easy a time having the claim of executive privilege granted. Not that the bastard deserved it now. But in their twisted, sick minds, it made more sense for him, and many others, to wait until less then two years left to resign. It makes congressional investigations drag out into campaign season.

Benefit? You bet!

The lying bastards get cover from politicians either too busy campaigning to be attending investigations. Or the congress critters start grandstanding, double dealing, and just plain making craven political compromises to further their own political careers. Political campaign season has more examples then I care to site of politicians' dusting off what's left of their shattered soul, and selling fragments to the highest bidder.