Friday, January 21, 2005

blogAmY's blogAbouT 

I know, I know, you're asking yourself, "blogA-who?".

It's true, I do live and breathe. Well, I do live and I sort of breathe. I've been sick since Christmas with this cold/flu/whatever it is that just will not go away. As soon as I think it's gone, it comes back. A pox upon these people who will not stay home when they're all germy! Thanks a lot. Almost all of New England has a cold now. The -16 windchills don't help either.

That's all I'll say about that. Here's this Friday's installment of the "blogaround":

All Facts and Opinion was on the ground in DC yesterday, read what she has to say about it
archy gives his take on the coronation speech
Bark Bark Woof Woof beat me to it and has already made a Friday blogaround at his place
bloggg has a 'Funny Kid' for sure
Chris "Lefty" Brown has three questions
Collective Sigh tells us something Un-By-Gawd-Believable about the coronation
Corrente's RDF thinks aloud about 'Globes, Peas and Outreach'
DohiyiMir tells us what he thinks about the Senate's nod for incompetence

Echidne takes on, 'Why There Are So Few Women in the Hard Sciences: Part I ' a topic spurred by comments made by Summers of Harvard. Also see, '...Part II' and '...Part III'.

According to edwarpig, 'Social Security Privatization: A 'Dead Horse''
First Draft has pictures of the inaugural uninvited
Even The Fulcrum is talking about 'Balls!'
I agree with The Gamer's Nook
From the Happy Furry Puppy comes 'Communitarian Inauguration Nausea Party 2-Night!'
iddybud discusses the Condinasta, 'Rice admits bad Iraq decisions'
Invisible Library gets literary, check out his 'Tragic Circus'
Kick the Leftist on being stoned
LEFT is RIGHT points us to some 'Friday Fun'
Make me a Commentator on the new movie about the hateful nutjob whose name I will not write
Michael is musing from France
We can count on Elayne for the 'Silly Site o' the Day'

--I'll have to finish later, time to catch the train home--

Jesse at Republican Sinners discusses the pride of George Bush and points to the silver lining
Respectful of Otters is still away, but pay another (or first) visit to her November post on 'Tax Shifts'
Rick is 'Calling Michael Powell'
is practicing for the SATs of the future
rubber hose breaks down the 'inaugural address'
Scrutiny Hooligans on 'Housing the Homeless: Spend Less, Do More', in Asheville NC (a very lovely place)
Sooner Thought points to 'Sell Outs?'
Speedkill on 'Pricks'
TRex puts some 'Microbes on Parade'
Trish Wilson cracks me up with some 'Anger Management' (thanks for sharing!)
Wanda has put some more must read Words on a Page for us
Steve's been doggerelin' agin' and it's chock full of 'Bush's Inaugural Balls' goodness

Monday, January 17, 2005

Sensible Liberals 

I have moved past my outrage over the past four years of the Bush misadministration. Those folks have their own agenda, they don't care who they hurt, and they know now they can't be stopped. I've come to accept that this is a fact I have to live with, albeit a very difficult one.

However, I've only now come to appreciate that there are a significant number of people on our side of the fence doing the GOP's bidding --- including, disturbingly, at least two of the candidates to head the DNC --- either knowingly or as unwitting pawns. And for the moment, my ire is directed at them.

I've got news for you. If you don't like Michael Moore, that's fine. If you think he goes too far in criticizing Bush and other Republicans, that's just great. Come visit my comment thread sometime and we'll talk. But if you're so blinded by your hatred of your own party's left wing that you bash them harder, longer and louder than you criticize the Republicans, then the door is over there and don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out. If Michael Moore really bothers you more than George Bush does, and if you go out of your way to advertise that fact, you're not welcome here. If you are so eager to distance yourself from the "loony left" that you spout discredited RNC spin-points without even bothering to do the research to find out why they're flawed, then you are not a Democrat. You are a Republican, and you have no place here.

(See the full rant at edwardpig.)